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EMX Industries Universal Retroreflective Photoeye Nema 4X W/Reflector Hood New UL325

  • Universal UL325 Retroreflective Photoeye Kit
  • Compact design
  • Easy LED alignment
  • Easy-to-Adjust Ball & Socket Bracket
  • Rugged NEMA 4X enclosure
  • Integrated sensor hood improved reflector hood and ball & socket bracket
  • .......more details

EMX Detector Only No Wiring Harness Included


Emx Industries Retro Reflective Photoeye Sensor with Reflector and Hood (5200-K)

  • Watertight packaging
  • Detection range: 30 feet
  • 6 foot cord
  • Reflector Hood Bracket and mounting hardware Included
  • 2 LED indicators
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • .......more details

EMX Drive Thru Alert Kit Chime/Strobe Pre-Wired Enclosure *** Price by Quote Only

  • Kit includes: 2x EMX ULT-MVP Vehicle Detectors with LD-11 Connectors
  • 2x EMX PR-46-100 Induction Loops
  • 1x SLM500B LED Beacon and Sounder with SLMBW-012-024GY Wall Mount Bracke
  • 1x 120VAC to 24 VDC Power Supply
  • 1x NEMA 1 Junction Box (wall mounting hardware not provided)

EMX Industries Universal Retroreflective Photoeye Nema 4X With Hood New UL325-2018 ** To Extent of Inventory

  • Kit includes photoeye with hood reflector with hood and mounting bracket
  • Retroreflective configuration
  • UL325-2018 compliant
  • Six (6) monitoring interfaces
  • 60 ft. operating range
  • Easy installation and set-up
  • .......more details

EMX Retro Reflective Photoeye Kit UL325 NC/10K Across NO Contact

  • Kit includes photoeye with hood reflector with hood and mounting bracket
  • Retroreflective configuration
  • NC and 10K monitoring
  • 50 ft. operating range
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Wide range operating voltage
  • .......more details

EMX RAVEN Programming Remote

  • Makes it easy to set up and make adjustments to all key parameters of the RAVEN motion detector while at ground level
  • Remote sold separately

EMX RAVEN Dual Relay Microwave Motion Sensor

  • Distinguish between vehicles and pedestrians
  • Two configurable relay outputs
  • Adjustable sensitivity and cross traffic suppression
  • 8-23 ft (2.5-7 m) mounting height
  • Optional remote control for easy programming

EMX Logic Controller

  • For use with the Loop Replacement System (LRS-C1) Magnetoresistive Vehicle Detector Control Unit
  • Connects two stand-alone sensors to expand the detection area
  • Works with LRS-DB (LRS-DB-50 or LRS-DB-100) Direct Burial or LRS-FP Flat Pack (LRS-FP-50 or LRS-FP-100)
  • Logic Interface allows one (1) or two (2) sensors to be connected to one (1) output
  • Provides six (6) selectable logic functions and two (2) separate relay outputs
  • A/B directional logic can be selected with an output for each direction of travel as a vehicle passes over two sensors
  • .......more details

EMX GSM Access Control & 365 Day Timer 2000 Users EMX-5431-1

  • Up to 2000 Programable Users
  • Weekly & 365 Day timer
  • AutoAdjust for Day Light Savings Time
  • Remote Programming From Anywhere in the World
  • GSM SIM Card Included
  • Cell Phone SMS Activation Required
  • .......more details