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LiftMaster Industrial Slide Gate Op. 1 HP 115/230/208V 1 Ph Heater NOT Incl.

Item #: SL585101UL

Manufacturer: Chamberlain, LiftMaster

List price: $4067.00

Manuals & Brochures:
Installation Manual, Brochure, Manuel installation, Sell sheet,
  • SL585UL features a heavy- duty industrial lockable metal cover.
  • Security 2.0® safeguards access with an encrypted tri-band signal to virtually eliminate interference and offer extended range.
  • Manual Disconnect when unlocked allows gate to be operated manually.
  • Quick Close and Anti-tailgate quickly secure property preventing unauthorized access.
  • Lockout/ tag-out Feature prevents power from being switched on when servicing operator and safeguards workers from high-voltage power.
  • Automatic Solenoid Brake prevents the gate from being back driven.
  • Includes: LMRRUL Monitored Retroreflective Photo Eye enhanced retro-reflective photo eye now with heater and wider polarized beam engineered to stay aligned; max. Range: 50 ft.
  • S505AL Monitored Small Profile resistive edge pressure-sensitive edge stops and/or reverses gate when obstructed
  • Gate travel speed: 11" per second
  • Heater sold separately: HTRNB (HTR460 for 460V ops)